Team Charter

ال team charter هو طريق الفريق، بيحدد الهدف من وجود الفريق، بيحدد ازاي حيشتغل الفريق، وايه النتائج المتوقعة من الفريق.

اللي بيحط ال team charter هو ال sponsor وهو الشخص اللي بيقوم بتعين الفريق للقيام بالمهام المطلوبة.

common things to include in your Team Charter:

  1. Team Purpose: A statement describing the overarching reason that the team was created.
  2. Team Goals/Objectives: High-level measurable goals the team is formed to meet.
  3. Team Members and their Roles: Who serves on the team and what role each person plays on the team.
  4. Sponsor(s)/Stakeholder(s): The person(s) to whom this team is accountable.
  5. Activities/Responsibilities In and/or Out of Scope: Clear description of what this team should be focused on and anything that is out of bounds.
  6. Decision Making Guidelines: How the team will make decisions. (i.e., consensus, super-majority, or the leader decides)
  7. Ground Rules/Team Norms: The guidelines describing the behavioral expectations of the team.

Other items you might include in your Team Charter:

  1. Duration: The length of time the team will exist, which may be an actual date or may be about satisfying the purpose.
  2. Conflict Resolution Process: The process by which conflicts and disputes be resolved.
  3. Workload distribution: Process by which work will be assigned and allocated among the team.
  4. Communications Process: The means and the frequency in which the team will communicate.

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السؤال التالي للتطبيق

What is the main purpose of the team charter?
A. Help team members understand the purpose and function of the team.
B. Help others in the organization to understand the purpose and function of the team.
C. Facilitate accountability among team members.
D. Inform leaders about the resources required.

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