CPHRM Preparatory Course



What is CPHRM?

CPHRM is an acronym for Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management, which is a credential you gain it after sitting for CPHRM Certification Exam.

What is CPHRM Certification Exam?

It is an exam provided through American Hospital Association (AHA), and it is considered one of the most reputable certificate in the field of healthcare risk management. You may get more information about the exam through this link

CPHRM International Handbook for Details in Exam and Content

After enrolling in the course you will find topics covered in every lecture.

Definition of a Health Care Risk Management Professional:

The Health Care Risk Management Professional’s primary duties include the prevention, reduction, and control of loss to the health care organization, its patients, visitors, volunteers, physicians, other health care professionals and employees. Duties may include incident investigation and analysis, tracking, trending and evaluation, risk financing and claims management.

What is KASH Enterprise role?

We provide you with a detailed preparatory course to be ready for the exam, our lectures will be presented in a very systematic, scientific and applicable way.

Target audiences:

Healthcare board of directors.
Healthcare management staff.
Medical and clinical directors.
Quality professionals.
Risk management professionals.
Patient safety officers.
Any healthcare personnel interested in management filed.


There is no prerequisites, but it is preferred -not mandatory- to have previous knowledge or work experience in healthcare management filed.
If you do not have any of them you can study CPHQ Preparatory Course first.

What is the duration of the course?

The course lasts for 40-48 hours, 2 hours/day, 2days/week.

Details of Lectures’ Times:

All lectures in the form of LIVE Sessions

Days: Every Saturday and Wednesday.

First Lecture: will be held on Saturday, 26 Sept 2020.

Last Lecture: will be held on Saturday, 19 Dec 2020.

Number of Lectures: 25 Lectures

Time: from 8 pm – 10 pm (Cairo Time)


Teaching Method:

The course will cover all exam’s curriculum topics in details. The target is to get the science in easy, simple and applicable way. The course is taught through continuous interaction, discussion and sharing experiences. Besides, you are getting involved in answering different forms of questions. For following up purposes, there will be some quizzes in different times through and after the course, and we can continuously share together all inquires and discussion for different topics through forums.

Lectures and Studying Materials:

The lectures’ presentations are developed through comprehensive review and collection from different resources:

  • Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Organizations, Full Edition, by Robert Carroll, 6th Edition
  • Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Organizations, Student Edition, by Robert Carroll
  • CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide, by AHSRM, 7th Edition, 2020
  • Self Assessment Mock Exams, 2019 & 2020
  • Different websites, references, and organizations.

The study plan will be provided through course lectures.

Certificate of Accomplishment is available.


Mohamed Aboelsoud, MD, CPHQ, CPHRM

Hospital Management and Health Governance Specialist
Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)
Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM)


Important N.B. 

To increase the value of the course and sharing experience and discussions between attendants, all the lectures will be live sessions and no records available. But you have all the right to attend the same course for unlimited times with the same fees you have already paid.