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Difference Between Research and QI

السؤال اللى جاى ده بيجى زيه فى الامتحان
One difference between Research Process and Quality Improvement Process is that Quality Improvement Process:
A- Collect data for investigation.
B- Analyze data for making decisions.
C- Act on recommendations deduced from the conclusions.
D- Define the customers and problems.
الاختيارات A و B و C التلاتة دول بيحصلوا فى اى حاجة ومش فرق خالص
لكن الاجابة D خاصة بال quality فقط لكن مفيش بحث علمى بيتعمل علشان يدرس ال customer عايز ايه لكن الجودة اه
الإجابة D
وده سؤال مش متظبط فى الصياغة بس حاطه لغرض اللى حيبحث يلاقى الصح
Difference between research and CQI is that CQI differs in
1. Analysis of data
2. Desiging a plan
3. Evaluation and communication of outcome
4. Having customer and a problem
الإجابة هنا 4
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