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Our Journey

Before KASH was founded we saw how healthcare institutions could run with healthcare experts who weren't knowledgeable in their fields and we wanted to change this situation so KASH was founded to provide individuals with the science behind healthcare management and the proper techniques they can use to establish their own systems, set high goals and help those in their workplace reach and exceed the goals laid in place; so that these competent healthcare managers can become beacons of KASH in their workplaces all around the Middle East.

Our Mission

Build a community of highly competent healthcare leaders in all sectors, along with providing training, and consultations for individuals and facilities to smoothly manage their work environment.

Our Vision

To be present in all the Middle East healthcare facilities through our certified individuals,concepts, and guidance.

Our Values

Competency: Through being competent we teach competency which trails through KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits).

Knowledge Sharing: Use every moment to explore, exchange knowledge, and experience.

Customer Focus: KASH enterprise is yours.

Community Responsibility: We are here to cooperate and participate in building up awareness and help the community in improving healthcare systems through different channels.


Knowledge: Our job is to always develop the scientific material and prepare it in a detailed manner which is easy to apply in real life situations.

Attitude: Improving the mindset of how you interact with the scientific material and analyzing it in a certain for that will make it easier for you to understand and implement.

Skills: Developing your skills and planting new ones that will help you in implementing what you are learning.

Habits: Creating a habit of thinking and taking actions according to what you learned so that the implementation is effective and faster like a second nature to the you.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Our Instructors are more like mentors, they are available for you 24/7 to give you  all the knowledge and insights they have gained along the years of experience so that you can be ahead of everybody else and have a greater chance at becoming a competent leader in the healthcare management field.

Mohamed Aboelsoud, MD

KASH Enterprise Founder
Hospital Management Consultant
Health Governance Consultant
Certified Trainer

Sara Tarek, TQM, LSSGB

Healthcare Quality Consultant
TQM Diploma, AUC
Hospital Management Diploma
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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