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Approved by NAHQ

Applied Case Studies in Patient Safety (Preparatory for CPPS)

will start on 21 Nov 2022


Group A: Enterprise Healthcare Risk Management Program (Preparatory for CPHRM)

will start on 29 Oct 2022.


JCI Accreditation Standards Training Program

starts on 23 August 2022


Group A: Integrated Healthcare Quality Program (Preparatory Course for CPHQ)

will start on 28 Oct 2022

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What Our Students Admired

It is one of the most wonderful, rich, and knowledgeable experience I have ever passed. Dr.Mohamed's course is not like others, he explains every single word to use it in your work and your life. It is organized, handles, informative course. His way of teaching is unforgettable wherever you go.
Eman Abdelsalam
From Yaman
The course was well prepared and well managed. Dr.M.Aboelsoud has a great way in explaining, very high skills of teaching in very easy way. All over, the course was professional and useful.
Rawan Mosaad
From Egypt
I loved Dr.Mohamed's course. He is a really good professor, he covers every aspect of the subject he is talking about. I also loved the accessibility of the course and the friendly vibe during it.
Manar Saady
From Egypt
Very effective and efficient lectures. Dr Mohammad’s lectures were really very good source for review during my master of Healthcare care Quality and Patient Safety. I recommend every body wants to get the certificate in CPHQ to attend the explaining and review course with Dr Mohamed Aboelsoud.
Susan Al-Yami
From Saudi Arabia

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